The whole picture about Dodd’s Lake


I would like to point out something to the people who want to protect Dodd’s Lake.
 The protection you seek was rescinded years ago when the subdivisions around the water were put in. So you can have your home that close to the water. The pond was designated as a water retention pond.
Since I moved to this town that pond has become surrounded by homes leaching fertilizer and weed chemicals.
Now you want to somehow get the protection back? The water quality is so bad fish won’t survive in it. The water has been tested for this.
I have wondered how this town still manages to promote this place as having two lakes within it when previous town councils had it declassified and removed the setbacks. This was done so the Town of Innisfail could make more money on real estate sales.
Yes, waterfowl reside there but so do water skiers and boaters. They have coexisted for decades but now your homes are there. Now there are concerns. But not about the lack of proper setbacks to protect the water quality, not about the stormwater draining into the pond but concerns regarding the waterfowl viewing.
Look at the whole picture –  not just the pretty birds.
Dave Reynolds,

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