Councillor candidates take first shot at mayor


Regarding the June 13 page 1 story in the Innisfail Province — Spiller declares second bid for mayor – there are a few issues in this article that we take exception to and would like some clarification from Mayor Brian Spiller.

First and foremost, Mayor Spiller is assuring the community that if he is elected he will make a greater effort on better communication of town business with the citizens of Innisfail. Also, saying that a new chief administrative officer (CAO) will be ensuring a communication strategy is implemented, why now Mr. Mayor? Was it so difficult to communicate with the public in the last four years? Was there no strategy outlined for you and the council?

We expect that the new council will be able to contribute many good ideas to ensure public awareness. Over the past several months, it has been our contention that the present CAO provided too much direction to the mayor and council.

Secondly, Mayor Spiller has stated he will get the water and wastewater costs under control when he is elected. Why, Mayor Spiller, with all the published complaints and phone calls to your office, is it only now that we hear any talk of getting costs under control? In the meantime, citizens are frustrated at the lack of “communication” and resolutions to this water issue.

Finally, we are very dismayed that the June 13 article stated CAO Helen Dietz “will stay on until the new CAO takes over, which at the earliest will be Aug.1”. We believe this is a betrayal of council’s decision to accept her resignation as of July 1, 2017, and puts in question the mayor’s integrity in keeping his word.

Also, we firmly believe there are highly qualified staff at town office who can carry on day-to-day business for a month or two. Yes, if Ms. Dietz must return for two to three days after the new CAO starts to go over files then that is acceptable. Mary Flemming and Christa Lamboo


Editor’s note: Mary Flemming and Christa Lamboo both announced in the June 13 Innisfail Province they will be running for a town councillor’s seat in the October municipal election.


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