Town studies Arena sponsership


INNISFAIL -The Innisfail Twin Arena could have a name change in the near future.

The Town of Innisfail was recently approached by a marketing firm inquiring about potential naming rights or sponsorship for the Arena.

“They had a client that was investigating sponsorship opportunities in Alberta and they picked Innisfail as one of them,” said Henry Wong, director of community services. “We decided that we would consider this.”

Wong said the town wanted to give local businesses the same opportunity before a decision was made and put a call out for written expressions of interest at the end of February.

Interested candidates had until March 10 to submit their written request and submissions had to include the facility being proposed for sponsorship and a general outline of terms.

“We’ve approached some of our local businesses to see if there is any interest locally before we proceed,” he said, noting the town has not determined a dollar amount needed to sponsor the name.

Sponsorship would generate extra revenue and help subsidize Arena operations, he noted, adding the Arena was opened in 1990 and since then there has not been a sponsored name for the facility.

“Everyone refers to it as the Innisfail Twin Arena even though there was never any signage on it until about six months ago,” said Wong, referring to the digital sign.

Wong added that there could also be name sponsorships for other buildings and facilities in Innisfail in the future.

“(The money would go to) whatever building that is sponsored,” he said. “Right now we are just focusing on the Arena because that is the first one that came to our attention.

“Going forward, if there’s more interest then we would probably look at other opportunities as well,” Wong concluded.

Henry Wong, director of community services

“We’ve approached some of our local businesses to see if there is any interest locally before we proceed.”


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