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BOWDEN – Grade 2 students at Bowden Grandview School are learning about the true spirit of Christmas thanks to a reverse Advent calendar activity.

“We’re trying to do something for our senior animal rescue site,” said Heather Sinclair, Grade 2 teacher. “I have chocolate Advent calendars for the kids that we’ll start tomorrow (Dec. 1). I wanted to teach them to give back and do a little service work for the community too.”

Sinclair said they will be collecting leashes, collars, harnesses, canned cat and dog food, dog beds, cat scratchers and coats for small dogs.

The ARTS Senior Animal Rescue is a provincial organization that saves elder dogs and cats, and places them in foster homes until they find a permanent home, noted Sinclair.

“They take in the senior dogs and cats that nobody wants anymore,” she said, noting the donations collected will go to the foster families.

In addition, they will collect gift cards, bottles to recycle and Canadian Tire money for the senior animal rescue.

“We opened up the activity to students in kindergarten to Grade 12 and we also challenged the staff too,” said Sinclair.

The reverse calendar activity will continue until Dec. 20, she noted, adding this is the first time they’ve held this activity at the school.

“I want them to learn to be part of the community and give back,” said Sinclair. “I think they can understand it quite well.

“It serves a lot of purposes,” she added. “It helps the children understand to give back and it helps the animals.”

She said the response at the school has been positive.

“We’ve got quite a bit (collected) already but I think it will pick up as the weeks go on,” she said. “The staff and students were very keen on it too. There seems to be lots of animal lovers,” Sinclair concluded.

Heather Sinclair, teacher

“It serves a lot of purposes. It helps the children understand to give back and it helps the animals.”


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