Questioning value of automated garbage service


I feel there are several reasons why the automated garbage service will not be a benefit to the citizens of Innisfail. Take a drive around town and see how well people keep up their front yards now.

Then picture three ugly bins sitting in front of or beside many of these houses. Or go see how ugly they make some areas of Calgary without alleys look more industrial right now. There is no reason they cannot pick up in back alleys like much of Calgary. You designed your back fence and gate with garbage placement in mind. There is no consideration for our seniors, the mobility impaired or even for our children to be able to take out the garbage on garbage day. Now you can take a bit of garbage to your bin every day and the workers do the hard work, but if approved every household has to haul a large bin to a company designated spot at a certain time.

It doesn’t matter what the weather will be or if you are ill or even away. This is downloading of the work to every citizen, not automation. There is not enough capacity in the compost bins for the clippings, tree trimmings or leaves that many of our large lots produce, particularly in the fall. You will then have to pay for extra removal. In Calgary they pick up extra bags neatly placed beside the bin. If you live in a close the company may not pick up your bin in front of your house. They may designate a spot at the end of your close and you will have no choice but to haul it there. If you have a back lane garage you may see less snow clearing because the town will not have to clear lanes on time anymore. This will be another service reduction. Our present garbage collection staff do an excellent job of picking up our stuff right now. The goal of automation is to reduce the amount of workers; so we will have less local people working as they move towards driverless trucks. I don’t support more unemployment. Once we have made the switch, do not be surprised to see costs go up every contract renewal. Is this going to be like our water rates where we have no input in cost increases because they are set by others? I am sure our town council will consider our views when voting on this issue. These are mine. Please make your opinions available to them.

John Pierzchalski



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