Pondering miracle for the Christmas season


Luke 2:19 mentions that Mary mused.

In other words, Mary contemplated; perhaps she contemplated the Scriptures of the promised Messiah.

I’m sure she is in deep amazement or in awe at the birth of Jesus Christ, God in the flesh.

What a miracle! What is God up to?

Joseph looks at God face to face as He lies in his arms. Perhaps he wonders what kind of house could I build to suit the Son of God? What can I teach the One who created the universe and formed me in my mother’s womb? What Child is this who I hold in my arms?

Just imagine what it was like for Mary and Joseph that night moments after God was born.

I constantly think about this especially around the Christmas season. Remember God believes in us. As a matter of fact, as I have shared with the River of Life Assembly during our First Responder Recognition Service, God is committed to us and is “all in” and has gone all out to rescue us.

God is committed to us. He is so committed that He left the riches and glory of heaven and stepped into time from eternity and into earth’s poverty, just for you and me.

So as we come into this Christmas season, remember God’s commitment to you and let’s say it loudly and proudly to everyone: Merry Christmas!

Gerald Bradbury is the pastor of the River of Life Pentecostal Assembly.


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