Out of order, out of sync


About one month ago while proceeding past the new town hall I noticed that the three flags were out of order, out of sync.

As the sergeant-at-arms for the Alberta NWT Command of the Royal Canadian Legion it is part of my job to know how all flags should be placed in order.

Feeling I was doing my job in helping my town, I went inside and informed an individual as to how the flags should be placed. I was informed by the individual that new flagpoles would be arriving within days and that flags would be placed properly on the new poles.

The new poles arrived, were erected, and the flags hoisted but they were still in the wrong order. If the poles are indeed in the right order, the flagpole with the Canadian flag should be the tallest to show precedence, according to legion protocol.

I again informed the town that they were out of order and was assured that the situation would be rectified.

Well, nearly three weeks have now passed and the flags are still out of order, out of sync.

Shame on you Town of Innisfail, shame on you.

I will gladly rectify the situation myself. Simply call the local legion and ask for Jim.

Jim Behan


Editor’s note: Federal Department of Canadian Heritage officials told the Province when only three flags are displayed the national flag of Canada should be at the centre, with the second-ranking flag, in this case the flag of Alberta, on the left to an observer facing the display and the other, the municipal flag of Innisfail, on the right. They said there is no protocol requirement for the flagpole with the Canadian flag to be the tallest.


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