No indoctrination with the gender unicorn myth


As you know Bill 24 has been passed in the Alberta legislature and has received royal assent. This bill makes it illegal for schools to tell parents that their child or children are attending GSA (gay-straight alliance) clubs.

This school secrecy goes against your legal rights as parents to be involved. The GSA clubs are not just for pizza and friendship. In fact, they are human sexuality clubs and a place for adults to promote gender ideology and LGBTQ+(lesbian gay bisexual transsexual queer) lifestyle. This is social engineering at its best under the pretext of helping to protect children and prevent risks of suicide. Prism is a new resource published by the Alberta Teachers’ Association and the provincial government, where students can be taught that “gender” is now mere “performance,” of dressing and acting. It’s about choice and feelings.

What about biology, common sense and reality? The fact is that there are two sexes: male and female. The word “gender” has been hijacked to teach misinformation about the human person, not based on science but on ideas like “The Gender Unicorn.” The subtitle of this guide is: “Toolkit for Safe and Caring Discussions About Sexual and Gender Minorities.” The words “sexual and gender minorities” hide the real goal: the promotion of homosexuality by turning the topic into a civil rights cause. It’s not!

We are all human beings and not sexual minorities. There is one Prism resource for high school and another for elementary grades. My advice? If parents can’t withdraw their children from classes promoting this form of sexual ideology then take them out of the public system. Prism tells students to avoid using certain words like boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, guys, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband and wife, and replaces them with politically correct one like friends, students, class, people, crush, partner, significant other, date, sweetheart and date-mate.

Why change the language? Because in changing the words we also change how students think and act. The goal is to get students to see human sexuality no longer as binary and biologically. The goal is to get maximum student acceptance of the gay lifestyle agenda. If the lie of 13 “genders” is repeated enough times it will soon become fact.

“Caretakers” is not the same thing as mother and father! Teach students that Canada is a democratic country with a constitution and a Charter of Rights and Freedoms? Pushing this gender-neutral language on students is an attack on the freedom of speech. Students should be taught their true constitutional rights. They should not be indoctrinated with “The Gender Unicorn” myth and the make believe politics of “gender identity,” but taught objectively and logically. Parents stand up for your rights. Please contact the premier, the minister of education and your member of the Alberta legislature.

Fred Simoni



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