Memorable taste of heaven on Remembrance Day


Having never missed a Remembrance Day, I was once again looking forward to our service at the Innisfail Royal Canadian Legion on Nov. 11.

A short time before I was introduced to a wheelchair. I must admit that at the age of 93 I was scared to death.

There was no handi-bus from the legion that day (of all days), so I took a cab.

There I was — late – and all I could see was the backs of people.

Then it happened. A gentleman came to me and said, “Are you alone or is someone looking after you?”

I said, “I’m alone.” He replied, “I’ll look after you. Tell me where you would like to go.”

I told him I was laying a wreath for my husband. He was also laying a wreath.

While waiting in line a lady on my left offered me her gloves. Another offered me one of her blankets.

That kind gentleman never left me until I was “safe” in a friend’s hands. No one noticed that “halo” above his head.

But I did.

There were angels everywhere that day. I wondered if I was the only one that could see them. Were they sent only for me? Or were there others that had a taste of heaven on Remembrance Day?

I would like to say thanks to all those kind people who went out of their way to make this 93-year-old lady’s Remembrance Day one of the best and kindest.

Love and God bless.

Esther Vermillion



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