Innisfailians are silver belles in Edmonton


INNISFAIL – Two Innisfail skaters are reaching new heights early in the season.

Devan Korsiger, 14, and Claira Sinclair, 12, recently returned with silver medals from the Edmonton STARSkate Invitational, Nov. 24 to 26, in St. Albert.

“It feels really good. I was really surprised I got silver,” said Korsiger. “It was really nerve-racking because I had to skate last, with seven skaters before me but I think I did really well.”

Sinclair felt the same.

“I was a little nervous because all the other skaters could land a jump and I was worried about my Axel, but I did it,” said Sinclair. “We were very happy with how we did,” she added, noting she too was surprised with a silver medal.

The girls have both skated with the Innisfail Skating Club for the past seven years. Korsiger is at a star five level this year while Sinclair has achieved a star four level.

It was the first time the two have competed in the regional STARSkate competition.

Nicole Sabasch, head coach of the local skating club, said she and the club are proud of their young skaters’ accomplishments.

“The girls did really, really well,” said Sabasch. “The girls worked really hard for their silver medals. They’re dedicated and they’re hard-working.

“The girls have both improved so much,” she added. “Just like Claira said, she was so worried about her Axel but she landed it. We’re so proud of both of them.”

Sabasch said it’s also a great achievement for the skating club on a regional level.

“It’s so nice to have this kind of recognition for our community and for our club,” she said. “For early on in the season it’s phenomenal that they’ve achieved this goal.”

Both girls spend several hours a week practising their skating, noted Sabasch. Korsiger skates two hours a day, six days a week, while Sinclair skates two hours a day, five days a week.

That hard work has paid off.

“They were all really happy for both of us,” said Korsiger, pointing to the support from friends, family, coaches and fellow skaters with the Innisfail Skating Club.

Sinclair said that winning the silver medal has motivated both her and Korsiger to work harder towards their goals this season.

“I want to skate in more competitions this year,” said Sinclair.

Nicole Sabasch, head coach

“The girls worked really hard for their silver medals. They’re dedicated and they’re hard-working.”


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