ITT delivers in A Bedful of Foreigners


INNISFAIL – Timing, punchlines and dramatic pauses are often crucial to providing the perfect comedic effect on stage.

Innisfail Town Theatre (ITT) delivered that and more in its fall production of a Bedfull of Foreigners.

The play by David Freeman ran Nov. 23 to Dec. 9 at the Ol’ Moose Hall in Innisfail.

From the opening scene to the last word, this production included plenty of humour, quick-witted responses and a few jaw-dropping moments that had the audience roaring with laughter.

Taking place in a hotel room on the France-Germany border in the late 1970s, this farce told a story that intertwined love, lust, miscommunication and the inevitable truth. Accents, lies and misunderstandings added to the humour and contributed to the tangled web that unfolded on stage from start to finish.

Each character had their own unique personality and faults in the play, which was revealed in their interactions with each other. The constant battle between love and lust, truth and deceit, continued to evolve throughout the play and contributed to the confusion and the schemes of each character.

The cast consisted of several returning actors in Bob Greig, Pat Gleason, Jackie Moorehouse and Dave Kinsella, and several newer faces, including Rob Burton, McKinna Elliott and Sarah Clemment-Williams, who made her Canadian stage debut in a Bedfull of Foreigners.

The entire cast presented perfect performances and came together in this production to provide a fast-paced, action-filled night of laughter for everyone.

In addition, the production crew also excelled at everything, including sets, costumes, lighting, sound and special effects, of which there were many.

In one of ITT’s best productions yet, there’s little doubt that this town has something special.

Move over Broadway. Innisfail has some serious talent.


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